I am here to guide and support you along your journey...

I'm glad you are here...

I see my role as one of providing you with a space where you can come home to yourself, one that is confidential and free of any judgment, where you feel free to express yourself, where every part of you can be welcomed and accepted. A space where you can open up to exploring new possibilities and new ways of being in the world, ways that align with who you truly are and wish to become. 

Healing is possible...

Sometimes, through our life circumstances, we may have become disconnected from our true nature, we may feel we have lost our grounding, our inner compass or intuition. We may feel like our life and relationships have become a struggle. I believe we are all born already whole, and that we have within us an innate capacity to heal, an inner wisdom that is waiting for us to connect to it once again. Through our work together, I help you re-connect to the parts of you that you have become disconnected from somewhere along the way, in order to help you live a more wholehearted life, one with an increased sense of peace, clarity, freedom and a trust in your inner wisdom and resources. 

My approach:

Since I work in a  person-centered  way, the sessions are always about the unique goals and aims that the client brings to the therapy session. My intention is to meet the person just where they are in their journey. I believe in empowering you to discover your ability to heal yourself. We are each the experts of our own issues, and ultimately, our own best healers. It is all about awakening your intuition so you can navigate life from a place of connectedness, firmly grounded in yourself, bringing together all parts of you: mind - body - heart and soul. 

The transpersonal art therapist’s skill lies in creating a safe and nurturing environment in order to allow the client to undertake the sacred inner journey they wish or need to and to act as a supportive and non-judgmental witness to the client’s process. In essence, the therapist serves as a guide to the client so that through the art, they may create new meanings, discover and connect to inner resources, and to their source of healing to resolve personal challenges.

More about art therapy...

While generally the art-making is therapeutic in itself, the artwork created in a session can also be seen as a means of symbolic communication through which insights may be gained. It is the process itself that matters, not the artistic outcome, therefore there are absolutely no special artistic skills or abilities required for a person to engage in and benefit from art therapy.


Transpersonal art therapy can be very helpful for people struggling with emotional, spiritual or physical health problems, or those who have difficulty verbalising their feelings, perhaps due to trauma and PTSD or language difficulties. 

Art therapy may help:

  • Improve self-esteem and self-worth.

  • Explore and discover your life's meaning and purpose.

  • Build a solid, well-grounded sense of self.

  • Resolve inner and outer conflicts. 

  • Build better relationships, feel more connected to others and oneself.

  • Heal from overwhelming and painful life experiences.

  • Uncover unhelpful beliefs and patterns.

  • Increase self-acceptance and self-compassion.

  • Improve emotional self-regulation.

  • Help navigate difficult life transitions.

Art therapy can allow us to:

  • Explore and connect to deeper truths through the sensory dimension of our being.

  • Express and externalise feelings, thoughts and images we have no words for.

  • Gain a sense of being separate from our problems, fears and disturbing experiences.

  • Express ourselves imaginatively, authentically and spontaneously.

  • Formulate new perceptions which can lead to healing, growth and positive change.

  • Gain new perspectives on our difficulties and struggles and discover a sense of new possibilities.

  • Uncover meaningful truths which can lead to inner strength.

  • Expand what we sense is possible for our lives and keep growing into this expanded awareness. 

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