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What happens in an art therapy session? 

Each session is tailored to your unique needs. 

The first session gives me an opportunity to get to know you a little, and find out how I may be able to best serve what you need. We will cover some of the practical aspects of working together. We will talk about your goals or intentions, and I will suggest some ways you might explore the issue that we decide is most helpful for you to work on, a focus for your artwork. Then you will have some time to create the artwork. I will offer to you art mediums that I feel might most resonate with your issue. You will also have an opportunity to 'process' your artwork with my guidance, that is, to look at it in different ways so that you may get some new perspectives on your issue. 

During our session together we may work with a number of art mediums depending on your needs. We might use paints, pastels, collage, clay, sand tray and figurines, natural found materials, fabrics and yarn. You might paint, glue, draw, sculpt, write, explore movement, act, create rituals, play and explore in any number of ways. It is all about finding a process that you enjoy engaging with, that brings forth your creativity, one that supports you to stay open and curious, to play a little. I help guide you in finding a direction and mediums that can bring forth a resolution for you, that resonate with your issue, and when you feel ready, also challenge you in constructive ways. 

I do not analyse your work and neither do I offer interpretations, for each of us has our own unique language of symbols. I simply act as a witness, support and guide for the journey you wish to undertake, and provide the safe container for you to go within yourself to bring forth what your subconscious mind wishes to communicate. 

Please note that I do not currently work with children under 12 yrs old only adults and adolescents. 

A typical session is between 1 - 1.5 hrs. 

The exchange is $120 for a session. 

Concession card holders $80 per session. Please bring your concession card along to our first meeting. 


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