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Spiritual Work

It can be hard to talk about our spiritual beliefs and experiences with others as we may fear lack of understanding or judgment. However, the exploring and making sense of our beliefs and experiences is a core part of who we are, and it is important and sacred work. Doing this with someone who is experienced in spiritual practice, who will provide openness and non-judgment, can be so invaluable. I know this from my own experience. 

The goal of all spiritual practice is to connect to our wholeness - our authentic selves, to discover our own Truth. At the heart of  spirituality are qualities of compassion, curiosity, openness, acceptance, connectedness, humility, creativity, playfulness and expansion. Each person's path of growth and evolution is truly unique and I recognise and deeply respect this. Seeing our struggles as part of something larger than us can help carry us through challenging times with meaning and purpose. This in turn allows us to be more resilient, more open to learning from difficult times and accepting our struggles. Art therapy can help you gently open to, explore, and practice the qualities of wholehearted living.

"The path from our head to our heart is through our hands, through our creativity." Brene Brown

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